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Obedience Classes

Whether you have puppy or an adult dog, obedience lessons help you to bond with your dog and establish leadership skills that will pave the way to effective communication with your dog.

Once you have mastered the basics you can advanced to the next level where higher intensity distractions are introduced for more control work. Throughout obedience classes you will develop leadership skills while bonding with your dog. You will learn basic obedience like sit, drop, recall etc with the opportunity to advance to more control work. This is adding more reliability to the commands.

Although dogs are very social animals, it does not mean that all dogs like each other. Socialisation covers introducing dogs and learning how to read their body language. This is the best way to predict how your dog is feeling and how they will react to a situation.

Habituation is where we put dogs through their paces to prevent any reactions when a stimulus occurs. This is a great way to improve your dogs confidence levels around loud noises and moving objects.

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