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This page is a link to state and territory legislation. It is also important to check regulations relating to your local government area as these can vary. The information provided can be useful in knowing your rights. These links are also useful if you are thinking of moving interstate as legislation varies from state to state. Don’t forget to check your local Council site.

There is no guarantee that these links are current, therefore you will need to check your state legislation for any amendments. There may be more Acts or Regulations that have not been included in this list that may be of relevance so do not take this list as being concise, it is just a tool to assist you.

To assist you, a link to each state and territory government site is the first link. The second link is to the legislation homepage where you can browse yourself.

The following links relate to the state/territory Acts and Regulations. Then links to the respective Department of Primary Industries for each state/territory with links to Codes of Practice are at the end of the state links. National links have also been added.

If a link does not work it means that it has been updated and can be navigated to via the homepage link for that state or territory hence all the links provided.

DogYard recognises the States, Territories and Federal Government as the owners of the following web pages and makes no responsibility or liability regarding the information or accessing of each site.